Asda £5 vegan Easter egg crowned the best of 2020 in blind taste test

With Valentine’s Day over, shops are starting to fill with Easter Eggs.

But with such a huge choice, which one should you buy?

Luckily, the folks at the Good Housekeeping Institute have revealed the results of their annual blind taste test for the seasonal treats.

Surprisingly, the best eggs weren’t all milk chocolate-based.

The three winners, each scoring 80/100 points, were a gluten free and dairy free egg that is suitable for vegans, a white chocolate one and a high-end honeycomb egg.

The Asda’s Extra Special Free-From Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Truffles, £5 for 200g, won points for ‘the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with hidden crunchy cocoa nibs’ and the ‘deliciously gooey’ truffles that come with it.

M&S’s Extra Thick Blonde and White Chocolate Egg, £12 for 500g, was praised for its deeply creamy vanilla egg.

The most expensive winner was The Chocolate Libertine’s Honeycomb Beehive Egg with Honeycomb nuggets, £69.99 for 1.05kg.

The consumer tasting panel tasted 31 different eggs, which were shortlisted from 105, across categories such as milk chocolate, free from, dark chocolate, white chocolate and kids chocolate.